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Panworld Fintech Limited is incorporated in the British Virgin Islands in early 2018. Put together by a team of financial and technology experts, the company aims to build itself into a platform that specializes in helping good operational businesses, mostly web-based, to adopt blockchain technologies and solutions to bring their businesses to greater heights.


Project Analysis

Our team of financial advisors and experts will assist a business in the initial analysis phase, to help them find a feasible means to achieve value tokenization.

Ecosystem Modelling

Apart from value tokenizing, we also help business build ecosystem models that would allow their tokens to flow and engage a larger audience.


We assist businesses in the development of blockchain solutions and crypto-tokens.

IT Support

We are able to provide a long term IT support solution to our valued clients.

In The News

  • Should this application successfully make its debut, it would undoubtedly shake the very foundations of the music industry, as it moves to shatter the centralized music production model adopted by record companies today.

    Yahoo Finance  11 Jun 2018
  • With an unprecedented line-up of celebrities, professionals and corporate partners, Zing’s official launch looks set to be a resounding success. We hereby watch in anticipation, as we witness the making of another ground-breaking Chinese app with the potential to break the 100 million users mark within months of launch.

    Asia One  12 Jun 2018
  • There is no segregation of social status, earning power, race or religion in Zing. Music lovers from different backgrounds, economic strengths and personal connections can all come together to help in the creation of a new hit.

    Singapore Infocomm Guide  21 Jun 2018

Our Team

Wayne Tan

Chief Executive Officer

CEO of Panworld Fintech Limited, responsible for spearheading the company. Wayne is a sales oriented leader with more than 15 years of direct sales experience. 8 years as a team director in PropNex and later ERA had given Wayne the opportunity to hone his leadership skills as well as his undoubted skill in selling.

Alfred Lim

Chief Financial Officer

CFO of Panworld Fintech Limited. Alfred is a certified accountant with more than 10 years of experience in regional business finance.

Christopher Ho

Chief Technical Officer

CTO of Panworld Fintech Limited. Christopher is a highly skilled developer and blockchain specialist, leading a team of more than 50 developers.

Benson Lee

Chief Operating Officer

COO of Panworld Fintech Limited. Benson brings a vast wealth of experience to the team with over 20 years of experience in network system and project handling

Tag Cheng


Tag is a serial entrepreneur. He operates multiple F&B outlets in Singapore. With a passion for music, Tag came on board Panworld as an advisor and will lend his expertise on business operations and management.

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